January 17, 2012


© Constantine Poulos
Latin-Spiced Chicken

Today, we spotlight another member of F&W’s Chefs Make Change coalition. Chef Bill Telepan works with Wellness in the Schools to put healthier food in public schools. One exemplary program is Cook for Kids, which assigns culinary-school grads to cafeterias where they create cooked-from-scratch menus—meaning no more mystery-meat Mondays. There is one thing that hasn't changed: Kids still love chicken. Chicken day is one of the most successful days on the weekly calendar, Telepan admits in F&W’s February issue. To keep things interesting, he created a citrusy marinade for this fresh and colorful recipe, Latin-Spiced Chicken in Lettuce Cups. You can help chef Telepan’s cause, and other chef-run organizations, by visiting foodandwine.com/donate.

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