Beyond S'mores: Everything You Can Do with Graham Crackers

© Todd Porter & Diane Cu
Graham crackers are for more than just the classic campfire dessert.

When you think graham crackers, you probably think of warm, gooey S'mores—and with good reason. The campfire staple is a perfect dessert on its own, in brownie form or even as a decadent dessert pizza. But if you want to get even more creative with graham crackers, here are nine incredible recipes that range from savory savory chicken parmesan to an over-the-top key lime pie.

1. Graham Cracker Pound Cake

This clever pound cake has crushed graham crackers in the batter.

2. Honeyed Yogurt and Blueberry Tart with Ginger Crust

A graham-cracker crust spiced with bits of crystallized ginger stars in this healthy fruit tart.

3. Skillet Graham Cake with Peaches and Blueberries

© John Kernick

Get excited for summer with star chef Stephanie Izard's amazing grilled dessert.

4. Graham Cracker Chicken Parmesan

A graham cracker coating adds a sweet crispiness to this classic chicken parm.

5. Maude's Vanilla Fudge

Chef Curtis stone's recipe is based on his grandmother's amazing fudge.

6. Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sundaes with Raspberries

Pastry chef Tara Lane's simple dessert features nutty graham cracker crumbs folded into vanilla ice cream and a splash of balsamic vinegar in the luscious brown butter sauce.

7. Lemony Layered Cheesecake

Store-bought graham crackers and prepared lemon curd make quick work of this tangy icebox cake.

8. Banana and Chocolate Cream Pie Parfaits

© Con Poulos

To make her outstanding deconstructed banana cream pie, pastry chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka layers eggless chocolate pudding with cinnamon-flavored graham cracker crumbs, ice cream, bananas and banana whipped cream.

9. Key Lime Pie with Chocolate-Almond Crust


How do you upgrade key lime pie? With a chocolate graham cracker-studded crust.

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