The Best Use of Leftovers Ever

For dinner at home, chef Daniel Jacobs puts away his emulsions and his purées and advises: "Don't overcomplicate things." Here, his favorite trick to transform Sunday night roast chicken into the coziest weeknight supper.

At Odd Duck restaurant in Milwaukee, chef Daniel Jacobs makes involved dishes like potato and cheddar pierogies with roasted mushrooms, parsnip purée and tomato water vinaigrette, but at home, the rest of us would do well to follow his advice: "Keep it simple. Don't overcomplicate things." In that spirit, he offers his favorite easy use for leftovers, in which Sunday night roast chicken becomes a quick weeknight night dinner:

"I’m not English at all, but bubble and squeak is seriously the most genius form of leftovers of all time. We take all the vegetables from a roasted chicken and mix them all together with leftover mashed potatoes. We make little patties, pan fry them and put poached eggs on top. Don’t forget the bacon."

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