Is This the Best Pizza Place in America?

The country's top pizza place might surprise you.

Where would you think to look for the country’s best pizza? New York, of course, is the obvious choice, or Chicago, or even L.A. where experts like Nancy Silverton have set up shop. According to Yelpers, though, the best pizza is in Berkeley, California.

Ranked number two on Yelp’s recently released list of the top-rated places to eat in America, Cheese Board Pizzeria is an annex of The Cheese Board, a co-op-style, worker-owned cheese store and bakery. The pizzeria is located a few doors down from the store. It offers just one type of vegetarian pizza per day, which changes according to seasonality and the chefs’ imaginations. Past pizzas include cremini mushroom, onion, mozzarella and fresh goat cheese, artichoke heart, baby spinach, mozzarella and locally-made herbed ricotta cheese, and roasted kabocha squash, baby kale, mozzarella and fresh Capricho de Cabra goat cheese. The classic crust is a thin sourdough, and there is a gluten-free option. Yelpers describe the pizza as “habit forming,” “drool-worthy” and “so bomb.”

Yelpers aren’t the first influencers to rave about The Cheese Board. Cheese master Laura Werlin shopped there back when it first opened in the 1960s. She still cites it as one of her top five all-time favorite cheese shops in the country.

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