The Best New Gift for Gin Drinkers

Gin Festival Ltd
The perfect gift for the gin drinker in your life (a.k.a. you).

Beer of the Month Club is so last decade. The new best, on-trend gift for in-the-know imbibers is the Gin Explorer, a monthly gin subscription service.

Created by the UK-based team behind the Gin Festival, Gin Explorer curates monthly care packages of four 50 ml bottles of gins from around the world. Also included: information about each of the bottlings, mixers, exclusive discounts, and, occasionally, gin “treats.”

From our detective work, it seems like you can expect a delicious variety of gins like the classic Beckett’s London Dry Gin (the only gin to be made with English juniper berries) and the more outlandish Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin.

Subscription options range from month-to-month for £24.99 (about $35) to a full, prepaid year for £279.99 (about $398). Find out more at

[h/t The Spirits Business]

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