Best New Chefs 2011 Party: The Recap

© Sylvain Gaboury/FOOD & WINE
F&W's 2011 Best New Chefs with F&W's Dana Cowin and Chris Grdovic

Best New Chefs, Class of 2011 Bowman Brown & Viet Pham Jason Franey Bryce Gilmore Stephanie Izard James Lewis George Mendes Carlo Mirarchi Joshua Skenes Kevin Willmann Ricardo Zarate

Wylie Dufresne Andrew Carmellini Laurent Gras Aziz Ansari Kyle MacLachlan Andrew Zimmern Jonathan Benno Rocco DiSpirito Geoffrey Zakarian the National

© kate krader
F&W Best New Chefs practice for the Irish Car Bomb drinking contest.

Irish Car Bomb

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