The Best DIY Sushi Recipes to Make if You're Nervous About Raw Fish

The easiest sushi recipes anyone can make.

Making sushi at home can be daunting—not just because of the technique, but also because you have to secure some seriously fresh fish. If you don’t trust your local fishmonger quite enough, or just aren’t fond of raw seafood, try these homemade sushi recipes instead.

1. Korean Sushi Rolls with Walnut-Edamame Crumble 
David Chang was inspired to make these playful rolls by a snack he had at Yunpilam, a temple in South Korea, where the nuns served him edamame mixed with walnuts and molasses.

2. Salmon-Skin Sushi Rolls 
These rolls are filled with shards of roasted salmon skin.

3. Spam-and-Kimchi Musubi 
"This is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of Hawaii," says Roy Choi about the sushi-like musubi, a mix of seared Spam, sushi rice and pureed kimchi, all wrapped up in nori.

4. Brown Bag Sushi 
Known in Japanese as inari-zushi, these fried tofu sushi rolls are easy and fun to make.

5. Nori Hand Rolls with Kale and Green Beans 
These fun-to-eat vegetable hand rolls are filled with crunchy green beans, kale and scallions.

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