Beach-Friendly Wine

I’ll admit it: I choose wine for all of the wrong reasons. I’m lured by the cutesy animal labels and the exotic names of grapes. I buy the $10 value bottle hoping I’ll uncork a fantastic bargain rather than some undrinkable plonk. So when I heard Barefoot Cellars, a Modesto, California-based producer, teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation to help clean up our nation’s beaches I decided I’d support the cause by making it my go-to wine this summer. The wines aren't revelatory or super complex, but for $6.99 they're an affordable, very drinkable everyday wine perfect to bring to a casual summer BBQ.

The goal of the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project is to clean up seven beaches and coastal communities by hosting a series of beach cleanup and restoration events from June through September. The events are free and open to the public and after a day of picking up trash you’re rewarded with wine tastings and live music performances. While I can’t make the kick-off event in Maui, I do plan to head out to New York’s Rockaway Beach on June 16. Check out events in your area.

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