The Bay Area's Best Late-Night Pasta Party

I’m having a serious case of party envy. Specifically a late-night-chefs-only blow out, thrown by my great friend, the Bay Area-based dining out super power Marcia Gagliardi, better known as Tablehopper last week.

I’m having a serious case of party envy. Specifically a late-night, chefs-only blowout thrown last week by my great friend, the Bay Area-based dining-out superpower Marcia Gagliardi, better known as Tablehopper.

Tablehopper’s party had a name: The Family Meal. It had a theme: spaghettata, aka a late-night feast that features big fat bowls of spaghetti. And it had an appropriate location: Locanda, the osteria from pasta genius Craig Stoll and his head chef Anthony Strong. With her cohost Sosh, the personal concierge app, Tablehopper gathered some of San Francisco’s best chefs, including Daniel Patterson, Charles Phan, Evan and Sarah Rich, Dominique Crenn, Bruce Hill, Hoss Zare, Hubert Keller and plenty more. She served them Campari cocktails and Boulevardiers, five kinds of oysters, foie gras torchon (isn’t that illegal in California?), fried artichokes, and finally, huge bowls of Delfina’s spaghetti with tomato sauce and plenty of garlic and olive oil. For dessert, Tablehopper got her hands on a ginormous chestnut cream-filled Croquembouche.

If you want to hear more about her fab party, check out Tablehopper’s Instagram feed or her blog that features blow-by-blow details. Like me, you’ll probably wish there were even more pictures. “I was too busy giving chefs caviar and vodka shots,” Tablehopper says.

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