Barnacles, Burgers & Balthazar

Want to know what goes on behind closed kitchen doors? F&W does some digging and finds out what chefs are eating and cooking. Here, what they’ve enjoyed this past week.

SoCal Specialties: On a trip to Southern California, Portland chef Jenn Louis enjoyed two regional obsessions: an In-N-Out burger, animal style, and an array of chicken tacos made even better with bacon.

Barnacles: Jamie Bissonnette prepared some percebes al vapor (gooseneck barnacles) at the new New York City location of Toro—possibly inspired by a meal he had with Ken Oringer at Etxebarri during their dream trip to Spain.

Soft Shell Crab: At his seafood centric Borgne restaurant in New Orleans, chef John Besh photographs chef Brian Landry’s ultra-crispy Louisiana soft shell crab sandwich.

Old-School Terrine: At Lafayette, Andrew Carmellini presents the rustic “OG oxtail and foie gras terrine.”

Classic Ham and Cheese: While visiting New York City, Los Angeles chef Vinny Dotolo dined at Balthazar where he ate a crusty, gooey ham-and-cheese croissant.

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