The Baller Way to Travel to Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Champagne, caviar and chefs.

Just showing up to the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival is pretty awesome. With events like a Michelin-starred chef-studded Champagne dinner, a Southern cooking demonstration with Hugh Acheson and a massive cookout overlooking Monterey Bay, it’s hard to not feel like a high-roller simply stepping foot into the fest. But you can always upgrade. You could rent a Jaguar for the day or even helicopter in or you could take it to the limit by arriving via private, chef-catered jet.

For a mere $5,000, you can join chefs Water Manzke (Republique), Neal Fraser (Redbird), Rory Herrmann (Sprout Restaurant Group), Jason Neroni (The Rose), Michael Voltaggio (ink.) and Tim Hollingsworth (Otium) onboard a luxury flight from Los Angeles to Monterey. The hefty price tag earns you more than just the chance to hobnob with some of L.A.’s culinary finest. There will be Champagne, snacks prepared by the chefs and “bumps of caviar.” The ticket price also includes a VIP, all-inclusive four-day pass to the festival. The whole package is estimated to be a $10,000 value, so it’s actually a pretty great deal—though accommodations are not included.

Interested/just win the lottery? Call 1-866-907-FOOD (3663) for details and booking.

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