Andrew Zimmern's Oyster Hush Puppies with Pepper Mojo

Briny, salty oysters are perfect in these fluffy hush puppies, which are dipped into a tangy, bright mojo made with plenty of vegetables and herbs.

I love to make these for a crowd at my house. There's nothing easier than standing in my kitchen frying batches of these superb oyster treats. I use my electric tabletop skillet because it allows me to work on my center island and stay with my guests. Have fun with the sauces for these hush puppies. They don't really need one, but I serve them with lemon-herb mayo, hot sauces and a big bowl of this acidic mojo for my friends to dip into. I prefer briny, salty oysters for this recipe; flaccid and flat-tasting oysters just don't cut it for me. Get the Recipe

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