The Anatomy of Yona's Ahi Poke

© Reema Desai
This excellent ahi poke can be found at restaurant Yona in Arlington, Virginia.

The raw-fish dish poke exists at the nexus of many food trends: new Asian flavors; Hawaiian cuisine; healthy dishes with tons of umami. And now customers can order it at new fast-casual spots as well as at elegant restaurants. The yellowfin tuna version at Yona in Arlington, Virginia, is especially refined. 4000 Wilson Blvd.;

Here, the anatomy of chef Jonah Kim's poke dish:

1. Masago arare
Tiny bead-shaped rice crackers (a.k.a. rice pearls) add crunch.

2. Poke Sauce
A heavy dose of Microplanted garlic melts into a soy-and-sesame-oil sauce.

3. Raw ahi tuna
Chef Jonah Kim slices delicate yellowfin tuna with one clean stroke, then cubes it.

4. Shiso leaves
Live micro ourple shiso plants are delivered to the restaurant in growing trays.

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