Alice Waters’s Kid-Friendly Hummus

Hummus with Flatbreads

© Constantine Poulos
Hummus with Flatbreads

Chicken Dance remains in its coop today as we spotlight another ambitious member of F&W’s Chefs Make Change coalition. Alice Waters’s The Edible Schoolyard Project works to spread food education in public schools. “From day one, I knew I wanted Edible Education in all the public-school systems in the US, from kindergarten through high school,” Waters tells F&W in our February issue. “Somebody said to me, ‘You mean have EE, like PE?’ and I thought, Yes!” The programs give kids hands-on experience in school gardens, lunchrooms and kitchens. Befitting her cause, Waters's healthy recipe is delicious and fun to make: Hummus with Whole Wheat Flatbreads. You can help her mission, as well as other chef-run charities, by visiting

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