After 6 Months in Orbit, This Astronaut Really Wanted Pizza and Beer

Courtesy of Hungry Horse
After spending 186 days orbiting the earth, one British astronaut made a relatable first request back on land.

Astronauts, they're just like us! After spending 186 days orbiting the earth, one British astronaut made a relatable first request back on land: a slice of pizza and an ice-cold beer.

Major Tim Peake—who became the second Briton to ever travel to space, and the first to fly a mission for the European Space Agency—landed in Kazakhstan on Saturday after his six month flight, during which he circled the world almost 3,000 times and participated in 250 experiments.

According to the Daily Mail, after entering the atmosphere at 17,000 mph in a capsule that reached 1,600 degrees Celcius, Peake said he was "truly elated" to be back on solid ground, adding that "the smells on the Earth are just so strong." When asked about his plans in the near future, the astronaut replied "I think I might be having some pizza later—and maybe a cold beer."

While pizza and beer was in short supply while in space, the pie-loving pilot found other ways to occupy his time. During his time at zero gravity, he performed a space walk and managed to squeeze in a marathon on a treadmill.

Back on land, Peake was not only undoubtedly granted his simple craving, but was also greeted by a culinary offering of more extravagant proportions. Hungry Horse, a pub chain with 220 locations throughout the U.K., commissioned food artist Prudence Staite to construct an edible portrait of Peake, which they call the "Gastronaut." The 26-pound completed "artwork" was constructed out of over 5 pounds of meat, 5 pounds of roast potatoes, 45 Yorkshire puddings, and plenty of carrots, peas, and cauliflower. Not to mention the 1 liter of gravy that topped off the unique portrait.

"We're big fans of the traditional roast dinner, so after hearing it was also one of Tim's all-time favorite meals, we wanted to commemorate his return to earth with a gastronomical memento," a Hungry Horse spokesperson says. No word yet on whether a pepperoni pizza portrait of Peake's face is also in the works.

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