9 Ways to Caffeinate Your Dessert

© Ian Knauer
Don't just drink your coffee.

From a Vietnamese-inspired, coffee-spiked sundae to Earl Grey tea macarons, here are nine excellent desserts that get a hit of caffeine thanks to coffee or tea.

1. Chocolate and Coffee-Hazelnut Meringue Cake

Chef Ruben Ortega makes this delicious, crowd-pleasing cake by sandwiching two large, crispy, chewy coffee-hazelnut meringues with a creamy mocha-mousse filling.

2. Vietnamese Coffee Sundaes with Crushed Peanut Brittle

How do you upgrade a simple ice cream sundae? With instant coffee.

3. Matcha Tea Cake Cookies


Matcha powder gives these delicate cookies a light, toasty flavor and turns them a pretty green.

4. Chocolate-Earl Grey Macarons

Earl Grey tea lends a smoky, exotic touch to these Nutella-filled cookies.

5. Honey Chiffon Cake

The batter for this light, moist cake calls for strong black tea.

6. Coffee-Rum Truffettes

Master chef Jacques Pépin flavors truffles with many ingredients, but he is especially fond of the coffee-rum combination.


7. Espresso Jell-O


This supereasy jellied espresso just requires brewing coffee and melting powdered gelatin in it. Served with whipped cream, it's possibly the most delicious macchiato you'll ever taste.

8. Chocolate-Espresso Snowballs

Cocoa, coffee and pecans are rolled together in these semisweet, sugar-dusted cookies.

9. Rice Pudding with Butternut Squash and Sweet Milk Tea

Star chef Hugh Acheson tops pudding with sweetened milk that's been flavored with black tea and spices.

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