9 Spring Break Cocktails to Make for a Spring Break Staycation

It's time to stock up on cocktail umbrellas.

Just because you're not in Cancun, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a spring break cocktail (or two). From a classic margarita to an upgraded version of Sex on the Beach, here are nine fantastic ways to bring the party to you.

1. Mai Tai

Everyone should know how to make this classic rum cocktail.

2. Mojito

A great mojito can transport you to the tropics no matter where you are.

3. In-Sandíary

This cocktail's name is a play on both the Spanish word for watermelon, sandía, and "incendiary," referring to the peppery tequila and the spicy ancho chile rim.

4. Margarita

Nothing says spring break like this classic cocktail.

5. Peach Donkey

This is a slightly more sophisticated version of Sex on the Beach.

6. Daiquiri

Daiquiris often mean frozen drinks flavored with commercial sour mix and cheap rum. Mixologist Leo Robitschek loves introducing people to the real deal: "They're shocked that three simple ingredients can create such a complex drink."

7. Rum Punch

Throw a spring break bash at home with this awesome punch recipe, which is easy to multiply for crowds.

8. Zombie

Velvet Falernum, an almond-and-lime flavored liqueur stars in this potent tiki drink.

9. Gone Native

Guava juice give this awesome gin cocktail a tropical feel.

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