9 Foolproof French Recipes to Make for Brunch

Here are nine amazing French recipes for brunch that are delicious no matter what time you eat them.

Chefs, like the rest of us, feel strongly about brunch. Whether you're a huge fan like Marcus Samuelsson or commiserate with Hugh Acheson, here are nine amazing French recipes for brunch that are delicious no matter what time you eat them.

1. Green Eggs and Ham Crêpes
These savory crêpes feature creamy, herb-flecked scrambled eggs.

2. Omelet with Pressed Caviar and Sour Cream
Jacques Pépin's decadent omelet is topped with thin strips of pressed caviar.

3. Ratatouille Toasts with Fried Eggs
This luscious ratatouille is perfect for brunch because it tastes even better when made the day before, making it quick and easy for a mid-morning meal.

4. Tuna Niçoise Burgers
Ready in just 30 minutes, these delicious seafood burgers feature all the flavors of a classic Niçoise salad.

5. Croques Meurice
These bite-size ham-and-cheese sandwiches are miniature versions of the French croque monsieur.

6. French Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Oil
A drizzle of umami-packed truffle oil adds luxurious flavor to this amazing egg dish.

7. Bacon, Cheddar and Onion Quiche
Alsatian pizza is the inspiration behind Jean-Georges Vongerichten's incredible quiche.

8. Petits Pains au Chocolat
Purchasing puff pastry dough from your local French bakery will make quick work of these delicious breakfast treats.

9. Flaugnarde with Pears
Similar to the baked fruit dessert clafoutis, this terrific, not-too-sweet fruit pancake is delicious for brunch.

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