9 Cocktails to Make with Ginger Beer Besides Dark n' Stormies

You don't have to like rum to make a cocktail with ginger beer.

Spicy, spritzy ginger beer is always a great cocktail mixer to have on hand—and not just for a Dark n’ Stormy. As simple and delicious as that classic drink is, it’s certainly not the only boozy way to take advantage of ginger beer. Here, nine more great ideas:

1. Ginger Shandies 

The perfect al fresco sipper, this pitcher cocktail mixes wheat beer with ginger beer, lemon slices and mint.

2. Stone Wall 

This updated version of a Stone Wall mixes rum with ginger beer and apple cider.

3. The Tempest 

Think of this as a peachy take on a Dark n’ Stormy.

4. Cameron’s Cooler 

Here’s the perfect summertime cocktail for a Scotch lover.

5. Cheval 

© Tina Rupp

This extra-refreshing take on a Moscow Mule is made with muddled cucumber slices.

6. El Gusano Rojo 

Smoky mezcal is surprisingly compatable with passion fruit nectar and ginger beer.

7. Maybelle Punch 

This classy, Cognac-based drink is sweet and gingery.

8. Sunset Punch 

The perfect party punch for a thirsty crowd.

9. Ginger Baker Fizz 

End a meal with this creamy, floral, fizzy cocktail instead of dessert.

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