9 Brunch Appetizers for a Blow-Out Weekend Bash

Make your next brunch party memorably by cooking up an eggy, bacon-y, mimosa-drenched feast starting with mouthwatering appetizers.

Pro brunch party tip: This is not just a bigger take on breakfast; think of it as a daytime dinner party. Go all-out with batched cocktails, splurge on luxe product like oysters, and, when guests arrive, kick off the mid-morning festivities with one of these incredible, brunch-perfect appetizers.

1. Mustard Green-and-Sweet Onion Frittata 

This easy-to-make frittata can be served hot, warm or at room temperature for easy entertaining options.

2. Country Ham and Pickle Crostini 

© Con Poulos

This four-ingredient snack couldn't be simpler: Just top toasts with sliced country ham and pickled vegetables.

3. Baby Brioches with Chicken Salad and Bacon 

These two-bite snacks take just 25 minutes to make.

4. Bacon Candy 

Crispy, sweet and salty, this three-ingredient snack is the ultimate brunch hors d'oeuvre.

5. Doughnut Holes with Raspberry Jam 

Want to really impress your guests? Serve these doughnut holes with easy homemade jam.

6. Deviled Eggs 

© Daria Khoroshavina

This is the ultimate recipes for one of the world’s greatest snacks.

7. Mini Herb Frittatas with Smoked Salmon 

These silky frittata bites can be made up to three hours ahead of time.

8. Crispy, Creamy Potato Puffs 

These extra-delicious potato puffs are a cross between mashed potatoes and french fries.

9. Mushroom Pomponnettes 


You can make these bite-sized quiches in mini-muffin pans.


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