9 Awesome Things to Put in a Pie

There are nearly as many ways to make a pie as there are integers in pi. 

There are nearly as many ways to make a pie as there are integers in pi. Sure, apple and chocolate and caramel may be some of the most popular fillings but you can put nearly anything in a pie and it will turn out great. Here are nine less-expected but incredibly delicious things to bake into a pie.

1. Kale, Chard and Soppressata
If you need to eat more greens, there’s no better way to do it than by mixing them with Soppressata and stuffing them in a pie.

2. Butternut Squash
You’ll be surprised at how delicious butternut squash is for dessert.

3. Grape Leaves
Mixed with spinach, chopped jarred grape leaves add a delicious tanginess to a savory vegetarian pie.

4. Andouille
Upgrade creamy sweet potato filling with meaty chunks of Andouille sausage.

5. Pork
Juicy, shredded braised pork is delicious in a tamale-inspired main course pie.

6. Goat Cheese and Yogurt
For a cheesecake-esque filling, mix tangy goat cheese and Greek yogurt.

7. Spinach
If he could ever resist eating spinach right from the can, Popeye would love a pie filled with lemon-and-sumac-spiked spinach.

8. Cherry Tomato
Juicy multi-colored cherry tomatoes make for a beautiful savory pie.

9. Lentils
When mixed with goat cheese, lentils taste remarkably like lamb and are the perfect filling for a hearty, savory pie.

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