8 Cool Kits for DIY Dads

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This year, skip the tie and give Dad the gift of DIY. Here, eight fun food- and booze-centric kits that make perfect Father’s Day presents.

This year, skip the tie and give Dad the gift of DIY. Here, eight fun food- and booze-centric kits that make perfect Father’s Day presents.

The Homemade Gin Kit
No, this kit does not give you tools to turn a bathtub into a still (which is super-illegal, just FYI). Instead, it’s filled with everything you need to transform a basic bottle of vodka (supply your own) into a delicious, aromatic gin. $49.95; birchbox.com.

Sausage-Making Kit
Williams-Sonoma’s simple kit supplies sausage lovers with the gear and spices to make three different varieties: breakfast, Italian and chorizo. The only thing you need to buy separately is the meat. $49.95; williams-sonoma.com.

Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit
Kickstart Dad’s cheese cave with this incredible kit from Urban Cheesecraft. It contains all of the ingredients (save for the milk) and equipment for five different types of cheeses: mozzarella, ricotta, goat, paneer and queso blanco. $50; etsy.com.

The Craft Your Own Bitters Kit
Hella Bitters’s kit is stocked with the tools required to make both aromatic and citrus bitters at home. It’s a great starter set for budding bartenders, but it’s also a good gift for adventurous dads who want to start simple and then branch out with their own flavor innovations. $64.95; hellabitters.com.

The Original Baconkit
Give a dad some bacon, and he’ll eat for a weekend. But teach a dad to make bacon, and you’ll revolutionize the way he thinks about breakfast. The Original Baconkit includes everything except the pork belly. $22.99; baconkit.com.

Complete Hot Sauce Making Kit
Supplement Dad’s Sriracha addiction with this kit, which includes enough ingredients and equipment to make 12 bottles of six different kinds of hot sauce. $49.95; growandmake.com.

First-Time Brewer Gift Set
Brooklyn Brew Shop put together the perfect kit for dads who want to enter into the exciting world of homebrewing. In it you’ll find everything you need to make a terrific IPA, a capper set and a beer bottle set. $75; brooklynbrewshop.com.

DIY Ginger Beer & Sarsaparilla Kit
Beer isn’t the only thing you can brew at home. Both sweet sarsaparilla and spicy ginger beer are super-easy to make, especially with this straightforward DIY kit. $50; food52.com.

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