7 Ways to Make a Better Cosmopolitan

Help make the Cosmopolitan great again.

The Cosmopolitan was once a great drink. Before the rock sugar rims, the sticky-sweet mixes and the Sex and the City overkill, the Cosmo was a deliciously tart but balanced blend of citrus-flavored vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice. In its purest form, it’s a rosy hued take on a daisy (essentially a sour that's been modified with a liqueur), but it’s also ripe for adaptation. Here, seven recipes that should redeem and repair the Cosmopolitan’s reputation.

1. Blueberry Cosmopolitan 
Muddled blueberries tint this version of the cocktail a gorgeous hot pink.

2. Cowboy Cosmo 
A cross between a Cosmopolitan and a margarita, this drink uses silver tequila in place of citrus vodka.

3. Pineapple Cosmopolitans 
These cocktails are pretty and pink, with a hit of fresh pineapple.

4. Cucumber Cosmopolitan 
This recipe calls for gin in place of citrus vodka, along with white cranberry juice and cucumber water for an ultra-refreshing drink.

5. Blood Orange Cosmo 
Take advantage of winter produce by making this brightly flavored blood orange cocktail.

6. Sophisticated Lady 
Bar manager Jackson Cannon wanted to serve a mocktail that was neither soda-driven nor a supersweet "juice bomb." The result: this savory take on a Cosmopolitan.

7. Montecosmo 
This riff is made with rum instead of vodka.


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