7 Recipes to Celebrate Genius Chef Daniel Boulud on His Birthday

Happy birthday, Daniel Boulud!

Where would we be without Daniel Boulud? Over the years at his 13 restaurants, he’s given us foie gras-stuffed burgers, crispy, potato-wrapped sea bass, spectacular sausages and unparalleled charcuterie. Plus, the insanely talented French chef was a member of F&W’s first-ever class of Best New Chefs in 1988. In celebration of his birthday, here are some of his top recipes to make at home.

1. Gargantuan Gougères 

Almost twice the size of ordinary gougères, theses are a bit like crispy, cheesy, slightly spicy popovers.

2. Scallop Rosettes with Avocado and Creamed Tandoori Chayote 


For this delicious recipe, chef Daniel Boulud quickly cooks scallop slices, then serves them with a rich, tangy avocado-tomatillo sauce and Indian-spiced hearts of palm (we substitute chayote, which is easier to find).

3. Chilled Spring Pea Soup 

This easy take on Boulud’s complex soup calls for a simple mix of sugar snaps and frozen baby peas.

4. Braised Chicken Legs with Green Olives 

Quickly develop a ton of flavor by braising chicken in a mix of onions, carrots, bacon and olives.

5. Brazilian Seafood Soup 

This tangy, buttery soup is a gorgeous way to show off fresh seafood.

6. Gâteau Basque 

There are many versions of this exquisite tart from the Pays Basque region of France. Boulud created his with pastry chef Eric Bertoïa: A flaky crust surrounds a pastry cream dotted with brandied cherries.

7. Tropical Fruit Sundaes 

For a fun yet elegant dessert, Daniel Boulud tops an easy, creamy ginger-mascarpone mousse with chopped mangoes and pineapple, raspberries and generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.

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