7 Pizzas You Should Definitely Eat While Watching Soccer

Here, seven pizzas that are better than delivery for watching the World Cup.

Brazil isn’t cheap, as World Cup visitors have recently discovered. Prices for a pepperoni pizza in Rio can reach $35. Luckily, you can make one here at home for much less. Here, seven pizzas that are better than delivery for watching the World Cup.

1. Nancy Silverton’s Tomato-Oregano Pizza
This incredible no-cheese pizza is topped with only tomato sauce and oregano.

2. Pizza with Baked Meatballs
This easy pizza recipe is adaptable to any tasty leftovers you happen to have. Here, the toppings include tender meatballs along with plenty of cheese and fresh herbs.

3. Shrimp-and-Chorizo Pizza with Escarole and Manchego
“I don’t know if I invented this combo, but since I don’t remember stealing it from anyone, I’ll take the credit,” says chef Michael Schwartz.

4. Bacon-and-Egg Pizza
Have breakfast for dinner with this fun pizza featuring creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

5. Summer Squash-and-Arugula Pizza with Fontina Cheese
This sauce-less white pizza is topped with creamy Fontina, thin slices of squash and arugula.

6. Mexican Pizza
Deconstructed nachos inspired this healthy vegetarian pizza.

7. S’mores Pizza
Pizza for dessert has never tasted so good.

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