7 Movie Theater-Inspired Snacks for an Awesome Oscar Party

© Line Klein
By F&W Editors Posted February 22, 2016

Celebrate Hollywood's biggest night with an incredible DIY spread of movie theater-snacks.

From sweet-salty popcorn to candy-coated ice cream bon bons, here are seven snacks to make for an Oscar viewing party.

1. Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

Food & Wine: Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

© John Kernick

How do you make the ultimate, party-worthy popcorn? Mix it with glazed pistachios for excellent sweet-salty flavor.

2. Crackersnacks

Food & Wine:

This is chef Katie Button's sweet and savory take on the classic snack, Cracker Jack.

3. Mexican Pizza

Food & Wine:

Can't decide between pizza and nachos? Now you don't have to.

4. German Soft Pretzel Sticks

Food & Wine:

Eat these slightly sweet, chewy, dark pretzel sticks plain or dipped in mustard or ranch dressing.

5. Spicy Popcorn Balls

Food & Wine:

A smart update for popcorn balls: chipotle-spiked caramel.

6. Ice Cream Pop Bon Bons

Food & Wine:

Coat these delicious ice cream pops with your favorite crushed candy such as Sno-Caps, Skittles or M&Ms.

7. Milk Chocolate, Nut and Raisin Clusters

Food & Wine:

These crispy, crunchy, nutty and chewy mounds with just the right amount of salt are incredibly complex—and dangerously good.

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