7 Movie Theater-Inspired Snacks for an Awesome Oscar Party

Celebrate Hollywood's biggest night with an incredible DIY spread of movie theater-snacks.

From sweet-salty popcorn to candy-coated ice cream bon bons, here are seven snacks to make for an Oscar viewing party.

1. Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

© John Kernick

How do you make the ultimate, party-worthy popcorn? Mix it with glazed pistachios for excellent sweet-salty flavor.

2. Crackersnacks

This is chef Katie Button's sweet and savory take on the classic snack, Cracker Jack.

3. Mexican Pizza

Can't decide between pizza and nachos? Now you don't have to.

4. German Soft Pretzel Sticks

Eat these slightly sweet, chewy, dark pretzel sticks plain or dipped in mustard or ranch dressing.

5. Spicy Popcorn Balls

A smart update for popcorn balls: chipotle-spiked caramel.

6. Ice Cream Pop Bon Bons

Coat these delicious ice cream pops with your favorite crushed candy such as Sno-Caps, Skittles or M&Ms.

7. Milk Chocolate, Nut and Raisin Clusters

These crispy, crunchy, nutty and chewy mounds with just the right amount of salt are incredibly complex—and dangerously good.

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