7 Low Alcohol Cocktails To Drink All Day Long on Thanksgiving

Drinking on Thanksgiving isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you start pounding the Zinfandel or slamming high-octane beers before Santa has even made his way through the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you’re probably not going to make it to pie. Instead, slowly sip on these low-impact cocktails.

1. Michelada Gingembre
This version of a Shandygaff (citrus soda mixed with lager) is made with fresh ginger juice and a hoppy IPA. Adding a dash of hot sauce makes the drink even better.

2. Fennel Ridgecrests 
Fresh fennel juice is the base for this delicious cocktail.

3. Hat Trick 
This delicious, bitter, spritzy cocktail is a great aperitif.

4. Low Approach 
This wintry beer cocktail is spiked with sweet vermouth, Lillet Blanc and an allspice dram.

5. Tante’s Medicine 
This sensational take on a hot toddy is made with B&B liqueur, an herbaceous mix of Cognac and Benedictine.

6. Rebujito 
It doesn’t get simpler than this two-ingredient sherry cocktail.

7. Cranberry-Spice Cocktail 
With tangy cranberry and spicy ginger, this is the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail.

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