7 Incredible Anniversary Dinner Ideas

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By F&W Editors Posted March 17, 2016

Make a restaurant-worthy anniversary dinner at home.

Celebrating an anniversary at home can be just as wonderful as going out to a restaurant. From a gorgeous rack of lamb to the ultimate molten chocolate cakes, here are seven ways to cook up an incredible anniversary dinner.

1. Rack of Lamb with Mustard-Shallot Sauce

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Impress your loved one with this beautiful roast.

2. Roquefort Soufflés

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Don't be daunted by this classically challenging dish. To ensure a foolproof soufflé, F&W's Gail Simmons folds lots of fluffy whipped egg whites into a Roquefort- and-Parmigiano-Reggiano base.

3. Crunchy Almond-Crusted Duck Breasts with Chanterelle Salad

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Sugar-coated almonds pair beautifully with juicy, rich duck.

4. Spaghetti with Mushroom Bolognese

Food & Wine: Spaghetti with Mushroom Bolognese

© Con Poulos

Three kinds of mushroom plus eggplants and carrots come together in this satisfying vegetarian Bolognese.

5. Scallops with Charred Scallions and Marcona Romesco

Food & Wine: Scallops with Charred Scallions and Marcona Romesco

© Christina Holmes

Marcona almonds make a rich, nutty and unconventional romesco sauce for these cast-iron-skillet scallops.

6. Butter-Basted Rib Eye Steaks

Food & Wine:

This steak is based on a recipe from master French chef Alain Ducasse. Halfway through cooking, the bone-in rib eyes are basted with a mixture of butter, thyme and garlic, so they're crusty outside and richly flavored.

7. Molten Chocolate Cakes

Food & Wine:

Nothing says I love you, like warm, gooey lava cake.

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