7 Hearty Turkey Chili Recipes

Warm yoself.

While chili purists will insist that the spicy stew be made with finely chopped beef, turkey is a leaner option that can be equally delicious. Here, seven turkey chili recipes so good, they'll make converts out of the most stubborn beef devotees.

1. Turkey-and-Pinto-Bean Chili

“It’s got some spice,” chef Art Smith says of his turkey chili. “Which I think kids love just as much as adults do.”

2. Black-Bean Turkey Chili

This tomatoey chili is light in calories but full of flavor.

3. Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy

Cumin, chile powder and chipotle powder give this thick soup a kick.

4. Spicy Turkey and Quinoa Chili

Adding healthy quinoa to chili makes it extra hearty and filling.

5. Smoky Turkey Chili


This fall-perfect chili is made with shredded turkey leg meat and butternut squash.

6. Turkey Mole Chili

Unsweetened cocoa powder, ancho chile powder and cumin give this thick, rich chili deep flavor.

7. Chunky Turkey and Chickpea Chili

Creamy chickpeas give this stew fantastic texture and make it extra filling.

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