7 Flower-Infused Beers That Are Better Than Flowers for Valentine’s Day

We're over giving flowers for Valentine’s Day. Instead, we prefer to gift our loved ones something they’ll actually like: beer. 

We're over giving flowers for Valentine’s Day. Instead, we prefer to gift our loved ones something they’ll actually like: beer. But in the spirit of compromise, we’re willing to meet the flower lovers halfway with these seven flower-flavored beers.

Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity
A release from Stone Brewing’s experimental, science-centric Stochasticity Project, this Belgian-style ale gets its pink hue and tart, almost berry-like flavors from dried hibiscus.Magic Hat Pistil A bouquet of dandelions would be unimpressive as a Valentine’s Day offering, but the flowering weeds shine in this seasonal spring ale from Magic Hat. Brewers use the greens to give the beer a grassy bitterness.

Elysian Brewing Avatar Jasmine IPA
The Seattle-based brewery adds ultra-fragrant jasmine flowers twice during brewing for extra flavor and aromatics. While the hoppiness of a classic IPA comes through, the floral flavors prevail for an almost tea-like drink.

Captain Lawrence Hops n’ Roses
There’s a full bouquet in this sour ale. Flavored with rose hips, elderflowers and hibiscus, the oak-aged beer gets its tangy, funky flavor from Brettanomyces, a strain of yeast classically used to give Belgian-style lambics their signature tartness.

Mikkeller Spontanelderflower
This spontaneously fermented lambic-style ale from the cult Danish brewery is funky, tart and creamy with delicate floral notes from elderflowers.

Telegraph Brewing White Ale
Telegraph brews its Belgian-style white ale with coriander, orange peel and chamomile flowers grown locally near the Santa Barbara brewery.

Rogue MoM Hefeweizen
This wheat beer is infused with rose water made with local Oregon roses. Though it was originally brewed for Mother’s Day, it’s certainly appropriate for Valentine’s Day—as long as you ignore the elderly woman holding a beer mug on the label.

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