7 Flourless Desserts for Passover

Passover is only a week away! Here, 7 great Seder-friendly desserts.

Passover is only a week away! Here, 7 great Seder-friendly desserts.

1. Fudgy Chocolate-Walnut Cookies
Pastry chef François Payard’s gooey chocolate cookies don’t require any flour.

2. Dark Chocolate Bark with Roasted Almonds and Seeds
Ready in just 30 minutes, this addictive dessert can easily be made ahead of time.

3. Triple-Layer Chocolate Macaroon Cake
This delicious, chewy coconut cake is made with just six ingredients.

4. Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Meringue
To prevent this decadent meringue from crumbling, freeze the cake and cut it with a serrated knife before serving it at room temperature.

5. Mexican Chocolate Pots de Crème
Mexican chocolate, made with cinnamon, almond and vanilla adds delicious flavor to these rich custards.

6. Citrus Salad
This simple fruit salad features candied ginger.

7. Strawberries with Buttermilk Ice and Balsamic Vinegar
This fluffy, refreshing granita is made with calcium-rich buttermilk.

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