7 Fail-Proof Veggie Burgers

Here, seven seriously tasty veggie burgers to make now.

In today’s Chefs in Conversation video, Michael Chiarello and Sang Yoon talk about crimes committed against burgers. Without a doubt, it’s a crime to serve a veggie burger that’s not convincingly delicious. And yet so many have bland flavors and blah textures. But they don’t have to be like that!

1. Fresh and Juicy Veggie Burgers

Loaded with chickpeas, artichokes, olives, asparagus and quinoa, these are the ultimate veggie burgers.

2. Tomato-Portobello Stacks with Cheater’s Béarnaise

Meaty grilled portobello mushrooms are layered with thick slices of tomato and a creamy béarnaise sauce for a fast and delicious vegetarian dish.

3. Black Bean Burgers


Made with hearty black beans and a delicious roasted red pepper spread, these burgers can easily stand up to the all-beef original. Plus, the spread doubles as a fantastic dipping sauce for french fries.

4. Veggie Burgers with Pomegranate Ketchup

Porcini mushrooms add meaty flavor to these healthful burgers.

5. Spiced-Tofu Sandwiches

This fun take on the veggie burger features grilled tofu marinated in a smoky spice paste, then topped with barbecue mayo.

6. Four Cheese–Stuffed Portobellos

Laurent Tourondel stuffs these hearty mushrooms with a mix of Gruyère, Muenster, mozzarella and Manchego cheese.

7. Cumin–Spiced Red Lentil Burgers

These excellent Indian-inspired burgers are made with red lentils, which are rich in fiber and vitamin B.

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