7 Easy Mocktails Recipes to Make for Lent

Just because you gave up alcohol for Lent, doesn't mean you have to skip happy hour.

From a virgin mojito to apple cider mai tais, here are seven easy mocktails to make during Lent.

1. The Smartest Boy Alive

© Lucas Allen

Black tea, Fentimans dandelion and burdock root soda star in this non-alcoholic take on a hot toddy.

2. Psychedelic Backyard

© Lucas Allen

To re-create the flavor of banana liqueur, bartender John deBary shakes a chunk of banana into this mocktail.

3. Cucumber-and-Mint "Fauxjito"


This virgin riff on the classic mojito is ready in just five minutes.

4. Baby Marmalade

© Lucas Allen

Both ginger juice and ginger syrup star in this spicy drink.

5. Pomegranate-Ginger-Chile Nojito

Mixologist Adam Seger was inspired to create this delicious drink after tasting an amazing mango-habanero salad dressing.

6. Sangrita

This Spanish mocktail is great for a crowd.

7. Morning Mai Tai

© Lucas Allen

Instead of apple brandy, this recipe calls for apple cider.

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