7 Boozy Ways to Use Late Summer Figs

It’s late summer, which means the figs are plentiful. Instead of snacking on the juicy dumpling-esque fruits, include them your end-of summer happy hours. Here, seven outstanding, fig cocktail recipes. 

It’s late summer, which means the figs are plentiful. Instead of snacking on the juicy morsels, make them apart of your end-of summer happy hour. Here, seven outstanding fig cocktail recipes.

1. Apple Thief
"The Apple Thief is perfect for times when a Manhattan is too rich and a martini is too dry," mixologist Tommy Klus says. The base spirits are Calvados, an aged brandy distilled from apple cider; and single-malt Scotch with a rich, buttery flavor (such as Glenmorangie 10 year). Also in the mix: a brown sugar-fig syrup. 

2. The Naughty Greek
Fig butter makes an unorthodox addition to this hot toddy; the leftover butter is great with roast chicken or pork or spread on toast.

3. Tea Thyme
A dark, fig-flavored honey is used to sweeten this herbaceous cocktail.

4. Fennel & Fig Infused Vodka
This savory seasonal infusion takes advantage of homegrown produce.

5. Figa
This creative cocktail features fig-infused vodka, Earl Grey tea and tangerine juice.

6. Cocktail al Souk
Mixologist Derek Brown's goal with this cocktail was to capture the colors, tastes and smells of the wonderful ingredients sold in the souks of Morocco.

7. Figgy-Orange Cocktail
This fruity take on a Manhattan calls for homemade fig-and-orange bitters.

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