6 Ways to Upgrade Egg Salad

Here, six upgrades to add to creamy egg salad.

In the premiere of the new season of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple reveals how to chop hard-boiled eggs in seconds. It’s the best shortcut to creamy egg salad. Here, six upgrades to add to that super-quick egg salad.

1. Bacon and Greek Yogurt
Use tangy Greek yogurt in a smoky dressing, which pairs perfectly with crunchy bacon.

2. Roasted Corn
Sweet corn, a perfect summery addition, is a delicious way to fill out egg salad.

3. Ham
Shredded ham gives egg salad a superbly savory flavor.

4. Curry Powder and Orange Zest
Give egg salad an exotic twist and beautiful color with curry and tangy orange zest.

5. Seeds and Sprouts
For an extra-healthy egg salad, stir in roasted sunflower seeds and sunflower sprouts.

6. Smoked Salmon
Use slices of smoked salmon to roll crème fraîche–spiked egg salad into elegant, easy to eat snacks.

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