6 Things to Replace with Bacon Weaves

Here, six things you can totally replace with a bacon weave.

We can’t get enough of Justin Chapple’s bacon weaves. (Learn how to make them in this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips.) We love them in sandwiches, for brunch and on burgers, but we want more. So we came up with a few ways to get more bacon weaves in your life. Here, six things you can totally replace with a bacon weave.

1. Burger Buns
Meat on meat is about as low-carb as you can get. This would work best with crisp, thin patties like these cheddar-and-onion smashed burgers.

2. Bread for Grilled Cheese
Melt gooey cheddar or richly flavored Gruyère in between two bacon weaves for the ultimate late-night snack.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies
Salty and sweet is a classic combo. Try pairing the bacon weaves with butter pecan or caramel ice cream.

4. Chips
Instead of tortilla chips, try dipping shards of bacon weaves into creamy guacamole.

5. Croutons
Skip the toasted bread and top Caesar salads with crispy bacon squares.

6. Graham Crackers for S’mores
Messy, gooey and meaty, this would revolutionize the campfire classic.

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