6 Sandwiches That Would Benefit From a Bacon Weave

Here, six bacony sandwiches that would be even better with a weave of meat.

In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen sandwich maestro Justin Chapple demonstrates how to make a bacon weave for the baconiest BLT ever. But that’s not the only sandwich the crispy, meaty square can improve. Here, six bacony sandwiches that would be even better with a weave of meat.

1. Ultimate Breakfast Sandwiches
This version of the classic breakfast sandwich—topped with bacon, a fried egg and cheddar cheese—is quick and easy to make.

2. Meat Loaf Club Sandwiches
Fast and filling, these easy, meaty sandwiches are covered with chipotle-mayonnaise.

3. Grilled Cheese-and-Bacon Sandwiches with Cheese Curds
Cheese curds are milky and delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich like this one.

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4. Grilled Glazed-Salmon Sandwiches with Bacon
Flaky salmon, tart Granny Smith apple and crispy bacon are an incredible combo.

5. Soft-Shell Crab and Bacon Sandwiches
This sandwich is one of the best ways to eat crunchy, fried soft-shell crab.

6. Mushroom and Fried Egg Club Sandwiches
It's hard to go wrong with this super-satisfying sandwich.

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