6 Best New Condiments of 2014

Here are six new condiments that we've been spreading and sprinkling on everything.

It was a good year for the funky, briny, chocolatey and all-around delicious. Here, six new condiments that we have been spreading and sprinkling on everything.

1. Mother-In-Law's Chile & Sesame Gochujang
Sriracha is so 2013. Now, we’re obsessing over this variation of Korean gochujang. Use it as an all-in-one sauce for stir-fries, mix with mayo and spread on a banh mi or use as a dip for roasted vegetables. MIL has four sauces to choose from, but we’re especially hooked on this rich, nutty version with sesame seeds and peanuts. $24/set of 3, milkimchi.com

2. Wayward Dark Chocolate Ganache Spread
This thick, velvety spread works beautifully as a sandwich cookie filling, but it’s also quite decadent eaten straight out of the jar. $15, waywardchocolat.com

3. Solstice Canyon Original Almond Butter
Gorgeous packaging aside, we love this almond butter for its creamy texture, perfect touch of salt and subtle coconut flavor. $16, solsticecanyon.com

4. Lightly Salted Gomasio seasoning salt
Founder Maria Finn sources all of her sea salt from marine protected areas and donates a portion of the proceeds to their preservation. This particular salt is seasoned with toasted black sesame seeds and foraged seaweed for added brininess. $10, getlightlysalted.com

5. Shady Acres Hot Pepper Jam
Eating this pepper jam is like taking a quick trip down South. The sweet, tangy spread is excellent on warm cornbread or paired with a soft, tangy cheese. $13.99, shadyacresorganic.com

6. Filfil No.7 Garlic Hot Sauce
Twenty cloves of garlic go into each bottle of Filfil No.7 hot sauce; you will be both breathing fire and begging for more. Use on avocado toast, mix with sour cream for a quick dip or squeeze it over your eggs in the morning—in any case, you will quickly be addicted to this stuff. $15, filfilfoods.com

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