6 Best DIY Marshmallows

Looking for an awesome way to take s’mores to the next level? Make your own marshmallows.

In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple demonstrates how to make Gail Simmons’s gooey, rich, chocolaty stuffed banana s’mores in the oven. It’s a great way to upgrade the classic campfire dessert. Another awesome way to take s’mores to the next level? Make your own marshmallows. Here, six great recipes to try.

1. Soft and Chewy Marshmallows
These delicious marshmallows from pastry chef Dominique Ansel are made by whipping a hot sugar syrup with gelatin; they’re just dense enough to be perfect for toasting over a fire.

2. Plain, Mango or Raspberry Marshmallows
Fluffy and ethereal, these marshmallows can be left plain or flavored with freeze-dried fruit.

3. Rose Water Marshmallows
Rose water gives these marshmallows an elegant, floral flavor and lovely pink hue.

4. Light and Fluffy Marshmallows
These airy marshmallows are made in the classic French style: with beaten egg whites.

5. Coconut-Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies
Using cookie cutters, you can make wonderful, whimsical marshmallow cutouts. These cute marshmallow creatures are also rolled in colored sugar and fluffy coconut.

6. Orange Almond Marshmallows
These easy marshmallows are flavored with orange juice and orange zest.

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