6 Beach Shack-Worthy Lobster Rolls to Make at Home

Here, six ways to make your favorite seafood shack recipe at home.

In this week’s featured video from Panna, chef Michael Anthony demonstrates how to masterfully break down lobster without leaving any of the meat behind. It’s a must-know technique for lobster roll lovers. Here, six ways to make your favorite seafood shack recipe at home.

1. Curry Lobster Rolls
A classic lobster roll becomes Asian-inflected when mixed with a mild curry mayo.

2. Lobster Sliders
These luxe mini lobster rolls are made with a mix of mayo and crème fraîche.

3. Deluxe Lobster and Potato Chip Rolls
Tuck potato chips into a creamy lobster roll for incredible crunch and a hit of salt.

4. Lobster BLTs
How do you make a BLT even better? Add lobster.

5. Lobster Rolls
Cucumber, scallions and tarragon replace the traditional celery and onions for a twist on the classic lobster salad.

6. Mini Brioche Lobster Rolls
These rolls, though smaller than your typical lobster roll, are surprisingly substantial.

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