5 Vegetarian Enchilada Recipes to Make Tonight

© Con Poulos
Gooey, saucy, cheesy enchiladas don't need meat to be delicious.

Here, five incredible recipes for vegetarian enchiladas that will satisfy even a meat-eater's comfort food cravings.

1. Bean and Cheese Vegetarian Enchiladas
These hearty enchiladas feature two kinds of beans, sweet bell peppers and melty Monterey Jack cheese.

2. Mozzarella Enchiladas with Spicy Beans
Blending cumin and chipotle chiles into Italian marinara creates a quick and spicy enchilada sauce.

3. Vegetarian Breakfast Enchiladas with Eggs and Sweet Potatoes
Star blogger Molly Yeh proves vegetarian breakfasts don't have to be bland or boring.

4. Two-Cheese Enchiladas
These ultra-cheesy enchiladas are covered with pungent salsa roja—a red sauce made with dried chiles and tomatoes.

5. No-Bake Vegetarian Enchiladas
What's the secret to these incredible meatless enchiladas? Chef Josef Centeno makes a sofrito, cooking carrots low and slow in olive oil with garlic and tomatoes.

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