5 Tequila Punches for Cinco de Mayo

© Richard Gerhard Jung
Tequila for a crowd.

Throwing a last minute Cinco de Mayo party? We've got you covered. From delicious tequila-spiked iced tea to refreshing cucumber margaritas, here are five fantastic tequila drinks to batch out for the 5th.

1. Iced Teaquila

This fun pitcher cocktail(above) made with silver tequila and Earl Grey tea is sweetened with guava nectar.

2. Cucumber Margarita

Refreshing cucumber-infused tequila used in this delicious margarita makes a terrific punch.

3. Punto Pomelo

This citrus-based punch is great with spicy food.


4. Watermelon-Tequila Cocktails


Silver tequila, blueberries and pureed watermelon star in this fantastic drink.

5. Agave Negro

The inspiration for this drink is the popular Asian drink bubble tea, with the round sections of blackberry (called drupelets) mimic the look of the tapioca pearls.

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