5 Star Female Chefs Will Kick Off Cochon 555

To kick off the pork-tastic Cochon 555 festivities next weekend, Root & Bone’s Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth are hosting an all-star ladies-only takeover dinner on January 23.

Cochon 555, the national culinary competition and pork-xtravaganza, launches its ten-city tour in New “Porc” City next weekend. To kick off the festivities, Root & Bone chefs and Top Chef alums Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth are hosting an all-star ladies-only takeover for the Chef’s Course Dinner on January 23. Chefs Elizabeth Falkner, Leah Cohen, Missy Robbins, Janine Booth and Mame Sow will each prepare one pork-centric course for the dinner – expect belly, cheeks, jowls, bacon and even a confit pig ear in Sow’s dessert. Booth is stoked to have a power team of women in her kitchen. “I’ll be honest: a lot of my staff are men and I’ve been desperately trying to find women to get into the kitchen,” she says. “There are so many really inspired female chefs out there. I’m honored to share my kitchen with four extremely talented ones.” She’ll be serving the last savory course of the evening, a whole root beer-glazed pig with Johnny cakes and pickles, served family style. Tickets are available at cochon555.com.

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