6 Refreshing Aguas Frescas to Make for Brunch

The perfect drink for summer.

In Mexico, agua fresca is made with fresh fruit juice, sugar, water, ice and sometimes tequila. Here, six fantastic versions to make for brunch.

1. Agua Fresca

This terrific white-rum-based drink features mango, passion fruit and kiwi puree.

2. Iced Mint Aguas Frescas

Pastry chef Sherry Yard's fantastic recipe calls for honey, ginger and fresh lemon juice. It's also great with a shot of rum or vodka.

3. Tequila-Watermelon Agua Frescas with Prosecco

In this refreshing cocktail, Prosecco adds a lively spritz to a light, watermelon-forward margarita. If you happen to have a juicer on hand, you can certainly use it here.

4. Watermelon-Lime Frozen Agua Fresca

This delicious dark rum and watermelon drink has the consistency of a frozen margarita.

5. La Melonada

Cantaloupe balls garnish this summery agua fresca.

6. Watermelon-Strawbery Agua Fresca

Fresh ginger, mint and chilled sparkling water make this the ultimate virgin agua fresca.

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