5 Reasons to Grill All Your Squash This Summer

Grilling does so much for squash, unlocking its sweetness and infusing it with smoky flavor.

1. Grilled Summer Squash with Blue Cheese and Pecans

Eva Kolenko

For grilled squash with a uniformly crisp texture, chef Vivian Howard cuts her squash lengthwise into quarters and then removes the seedy interior. This gorgeous summer squash salad is tossed with a bright, lemony dressing.

2. Spinach Fettuccine with Tangy Grilled Summer Squash

At her restaurant, Amanda Cohen tosses herb fettucine with pickled squash blossoms and grilled zucchini. This simplified recipe features squash that’s pickled then grilled, plus freshly sautéed squash.

3. Grilled Squash Ribbons and Prosciutto with Mint Dressing

Grilling summer squash ribbons on skewers is terrific because the edges become wonderfully charred and crisp, while the insides stay tender and juicy.


4. Grilled Summer Squash with Bagna Cauda and Fried Capers

Bagna cauda, the simple Italian sauce of olive oil, anchovies and garlic, flavors strips of garlic zucchini and yellow squash.

5. Grilled Squash, Corn and Kale Salad with Sunflower Seed Vinaigrette

Adrian Gaut

The creamy sunflower seed dressing for this hearty summer salad is flavored with za'atar, the classic Middle Eastern spice mix

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