5 Local Favorite Spots in Salt Lake City

Modern Family star Ty Burrell and chef Viet Pham share their top five places to go in Salt Lake City including Burrell's Bar-X and the tapas-focused restaurant Finca.

Ty Burrell and Viet Pham share their Salt Lake City picks.

Bar-X & Beer Bar
Bar-X is Burrell's 1933 bar turned craft-cocktail haven. His Beer Bar is right next door. barxsaltlake.com

Tony Caputo's
A fantastic artisanal market and deli. The butcher taught Burrell how to make sausage. caputosdeli.com

Tapas rule here; so does the asador (grill). fincaslc.com

Pham and chef-patron Bowman Brown co-own this über-elegant spot. foragerestaurant.com

The Copper Onion
Pham calls the Modern American food "awesome." thecopperonion.com

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