5 Flavor-Blasted Crouton Recipes

Here, five delicious ways to spice up your homemade croutons.

One of the best things about croutons is their plainness. They soak up the flavors in salads or soups and take on a whole new identity. But they can also soak up flavors before they are even added to a dish. Here, five delicious ways to spice up your homemade croutons.

1. Caraway Croutons
Toss croutons with butter and caraway for the perfect fondue dipper.

2. Garlic and Thyme Croutons
These aromatic, crispy croutons are terrific in most salads.

3. Rosemary Croutons
Herbaceous and salty, these croutons are fantastic eaten on their own.

4. Bacon Croutons
These fat-gilded croutons are drizzled with bacon drippings for incredible flavor.

5. Curried Croutons
Curry powder and butter are all it takes to make these creative croutons.

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