5 Excellent Places to Eat in Reno

Chef Mark Estee is a devout defender of Reno's food scene - even in the casinos. "Some locals hate on them, but I embrace them." Here, he shares his top picks for a full day of eating both inside and outside of the gambling spots.

Chef Mark Estee of Campo is a devout defender of Reno's food sceneeven in the casinos. "Some locals hate on the casinos, but they are key to Reno making a comeback. I embrace them." Here, he shares his top picks for a full day of eating both inside and outside of the gambling spots.

"Süp in the MidTown district is the best. The food is delicious and from the heart. I always get a cup of crawfish gumbo and the Reno Deli Sandwich, which is loaded with pesto, salami, tomato, aioli, spinach, provolone and hot peppers on toasted sourdough bread." stockpotinc.com

"La Ferme in Genoa, Nevada is a favorite getaway outside of Reno, where the French-inspired country food is always spot on. I love to order any of the chef's soups: a parsnip one I had recently had a perfect velvety texture. I always end a meal there with cheese plate and some sticky wine. And I like to stop by the Genoa Bar and Saloon - one of Nevada's oldest bars - for a drink before dinner." lafermegenoa.com, genoabarandsaloon.com

"I think 4th Street Bistro is one of the spots that put Reno on the map. It's spendy and worth it. Chef Natalie Sellers has her way with Niman Ranch pork belly confit for a starter, and I always go for the wild king salmon entree, caught by our mutual friend Ernie Camilleri." 4thstbistro.com

"The Steak House in the Western Village casino in Sparks, Nevada is a throwback steakhouse with all the bells and whistles. It's the best place in the city to hold a celebration, and the attentive service is fantastic. I love the escargot, tableside-tossed Caesar salad and the dry aged, bone in New York sirloin. And then a slab of cheesecake, to put me over the top." westernvillagesparks.com

Late night
"Reno is a late night town, so we have some amazing diners, like Awful Awful, a burger joint open 24 hours a day. But like many others in the know, I head to Golden Flower for a large combo bowl pho (#1 on the menu): Vietnamese noodle soup full of tripe, beef ball and rare steak. They have a killer Chinese menu served after 9 pm too. It's always crowded, delicious and very, very affordable." goldenflowerreno.com

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