5 Epic Banana Cream Pies

© Dana Gallagher
Happy National Banana Cream Pie Day!

While it's hard to choose a favorite pie, the ethereally light and fluffy banana cream pie, would surely make the short list. From classic banana cream pie to creative parfaits, here are five excellent recipes to make in honor of the delicious diner pie.

1. Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie

Self-titled "pie master" Valeri Lucks marries two of her restaurant's best-selling pies: chocolate cream and banana cream.

2. Banana Cream Pie

© Dana Gallagher

Cookbook author Joyce White's incredible pie features luscious rum-spiked custard.

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3. Banana and Chocolate Cream Pie Parfaits

© Con Poulos

To make her outstanding deconstructed banana cream pie, pastry chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka layers eggless chocolate pudding with cinnamon-flavored graham cracker crumbs, ice cream, bananas and banana whipped cream.

4. Banana, Chocolate and Coconut Cream Pie

This tropical-flavored pie is topped with sweet, crunchy banana brittle.

5. Banoffee Pie

© Kamran Siddiqi

An honorable mention since it's not technically a banana cream pie, this gooey dessert made with dulce de leche, bananas and a thin layer of chocolate is a decadent standout.

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