5 Egg White Breakfast Recipes That Actually Taste Like Something

Light, airy and delicious.

There may be no reason to fear cholesterol anymore, but that doesn’t mean egg white omelets and scrambles are unnecessary. After all, sometimes you’re left with a bowlful of whites after making yolk-heavy recipes like creamy carbonara, DIY mayonnaise or classic egg drop soup. Here, our best recipes for egg white breakfasts with loads of flavor.

1. Egg White Soufflé with Ratatouille
The fluffy egg white topping on this brunch-perfect ratatouille gets beautiful crisp and puffy in the oven.

2. Egg-White Frittata with Bread and Cheese
This hearty frittata is studded with crispy cubes of sourdough, fontina cheese and tomato.

3. Open-Face Egg-White Omelets with Roasted Vegetables
Healthy but delicious, this vegetarian omelet is filled with tangy goat cheese and roasted vegetables like tomatoes and sweet fennel.

4. Rolled Egg White Omelet with Wild Mushrooms
This omelet is exceptionally tender and buttery.

5. Egg White & Frittata with Salsa Ranchera
Alex Stupak created this light, airy egg white frittata because he wanted to offer a brunch dish that was healthy yet still delicious. To serve alongside, he makes a warm salsa ranchera (Spanish for "ranch-style sauce") by blending roasted tomatoes, garlic and jalapenos.

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